SAE MobilityForward Challenge™ 2021 Mission

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At SAE International, our charge is to embrace opportunities and tackle challenges presented by the evolving mobility landscape. As new players emerge in the mobility space that promote sustainable and convenient ways of travel, we have expanded our view of mobility to include micromobility. Micromobility is an emerging travel mode that uses powered micromobility vehicles such as e-bikes and scooters defined by SAE J3194™ Standard – “Taxonomy and Classification of Powered Micromobility Vehicles.”

Shared micromobility, largely enabled by recent advancements in internet-of-things and electric vehicle technologies, has proliferated on our city streets. Micromobility has demonstrated the potential to be a fun, sustainable, and viable alternative to short-distance car trips. However, with any emerging solution, there is always room to iterate. For example, e-scooters may be fun to ride, but often lack utilitarian functions of cars. Theseinclude protection from adverse weather as well as the ability to carry bulky goods other than minimal cargo and multiple passengers.

Design Requirements:

  1. Design an electric, personally owned micromobility vehicle solution for practical everyday use that can accommodate up to two riders, and enough space for cargo option.
  2. The vehicle shall be all-weather vehicle built for utilitarian use.
  3. The vehicle shall be capable of carrying up to 3 shopping bags (10” H x 8” L x 5” W) and 1 box (17 ½” L x 11 ½” W x 6.78” H) of cargo max weight 400 lbs.
  4. The vehicle should replace short car trips, not walking or biking trips because they are already sustainable.

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