What is the SAE MobilityForward Challenge™?

Through the SAE MobilityForward™ Challenge, universities will think critically about relevant emerging technology issues relevant to the mobility industry. Teams of university students will apply engineering and problem solving techniques to propose a solution to a timely and relevant issue in the mobility space. The teams will present their solution in various ways including a presentation to judges and a showcase booth on the floor at the SAE WCX22 conference.

The educational objectives of SAE MobilityForward Challenge include participants demonstrating the ability to:

  • Think critically about current and future emerging technology issues relevant to the mobility industry
  • Utilize and leverage cutting edge and breakthrough technology to solve complex issues
  • Conceive and innovate a solution that meets the needs of the challenge mission within the prescribed timeframe
  • Present and defend their solution to a panel of industry judges
  • Communicate their solution on the showfloor at SAE WCX22
  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to solve a real world problem outside of the classroom

The SAE MobilityForward Challenge 2022 Mission

Battery Recycling Solutions, Inc. (BRSI), a leader in high voltage battery recycling, is seeking proposals for a data driven, environmentally conscious repurposing solution for high voltage batteries beyond their serviceable lives in automotive applications. The solution should be innovative, and should prioritize conversion in a safe and attainable method while considering the economic implications for BRSI. BRSI expects the program will break even by year 2 and turn a profit by year 4 with a volume of conversion increasing by 35% annually.

Download the full 2022 Rules today! - www.saemobilityforwardchallenge.com/go/downloads